Celebrating 25 years of the Goonies!

By Shawn Robare

This week on Branded in the 80s I’m going to feature a series of posts in celebration of the 25th anniversary of one of my all time favorite 80s flicks, the Goonies!  To start things off I thought I’d repurpose some of the content from an old Peel Here column, so without further ado I again present the sticker card subset from the 1985 Topps series of bubblegum cards…

I still love that the stills from the cut octopus scene made their way into this set.  If I’d had these back in the 90s it would have gone a long way to proving to my friends that I did see a version of the flick with an octopus attack (ala Robert Altman’s Popeye.)

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  • PhillyRadioGeek

    They’re good enough for me!

  • Wings

    Wow – 25 years already? “”Our time down here…”” went by really fast.

  • Tim L.

    One of my all-time favorites as well — looking forward to your posts this week!

  • PhillyRadioGeek

    I forgot to mention that the movie has been playing on ABC Family lately, as recently as this past Saturday.

  • Paxton Holley

    I didn’t realize that the Disney Channel aired a cut of this movie with the octopuss back in. That’s awesome. Love these cards. That Sloth card looks different, like it’s an early makeup test. One of my favorite movies. And Drew’s posters for this movie are awesome too.

  • Rondal

    These are some awesome cards! I love the skeleton crew and the squid is so random. I’ve missed the first half of it last night, but I believe that AMC will be airing the film again tonight. Can’t wait to see it again.

  • Finky The Kid

    Shawn, I’ve been gone and am just now catching up with branded. SO excited to see you overing the Goonies 25th Ann! Anyway…I know how you felt in the 90’s about people not believing there was a lost “”octopus”” scene in the Goonies. I had a handful of those Goonies cards. And one of them was a still of Chunk wrapped up in…an octopus tentacle! Sometime in the early-to-mid 90’s I caught Goonies on the Disney channel at a friend’s house and it had the octopus scene cut back into it, along with some other minor bits that had been cut from the original edit. I knew it immediately b/c I’ve seen Goonies as many times as I’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark – enough to speak the entire movie, plus sound effects and score. it’s articles like a WEEK OF GOONIES that remind me why I dig Branded so much. Cheers, mate!