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By Shawn Robare

It seems like there were 6.2 million different brands of building sets to choose from while growing up in the 80s.  For the most part I was a diehard Lego maniac, but for a short time I dropped my minifigs and building blocks and became quite enamored with Fisher Price’s answer to Erector Sets & Lego Technic, Contstrux…

Designed to work more on a beam and connector-knot system (rather than Lego’s stacking concept), Construx seemed more about play than just building.  With Lego, I’d find myself spending hours trying to recreate intricate model-like versions of my favorite TV and movie vehicles and when I was sufficiently happy with a final design the end product would usually find its way to a shelf or a box in the closet.  On the other hand, because Construx were so limited because of their size and design, it was always about creating something that more or less approximated a vehicle or robot and then playing with it.  I was never worried about my creations falling apart as they were super easy to recreate.  I guess in a way they resembled Duplo more than Lego in this regard.

Another thing that I always used to like about Construx was the satisfying snap the pieces made when joining them together.  They were a lot more tactile than Lego bricks, though they weren’t quite as exacting.  For awhile I was addicted to building with these, but no matter how I tried to work around it, I never had enough of the blue connector knots.

Searching online I found this fun site with a bunch of original Construx creations.  In particular I liked the webmaster’s design for the quadpod as it looks like it would make an almost perfect base for recreating a Construx version of the Silverhawk’s ship, the Miraj…

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  • Rondal

    It’s like Legos for micro-engineers, how cool! Unfortunately, as a kid, I never graduated beyond those oversized Duplo blocks. What?! Anyone could mistake an electrical socket for a wall-mounted Duplo piece… right? Haha.

  • Nechestriah

    I had a ton of these things, and I’m not really even sure where they came from. I never really remember wanting them really, but I got them anyways for christmas or something. Anyways, I ended up really liking them and wish I still had em around.