Molly ringwald wants you to eat your raisins!

By Shawn Robare

I’m breaking out of my post Halloween downtime to remind everyone that back in 1982 Molly Ringwald and who I believe is a very young Emily Schulman (the nosey pugnacious next-door-neighbor on Small Wonder) wanted you to eat your raisins.   If raisins are like the red-headed step children of grapes, then I think the California Raisins Ad Council chose pretty well spokes model-wise.  I mean, Ringwald was one of the girls written out of the second season of The Facts of Life, and Schulman, well, for anyone who’s seen an episode of Small Wonder, is the poster child for red-headed nuisances…

This ad is kind of interesting for Ringwald fanatics as it’s an example of the type of work she was taking in-between leaving The Facts of Life and landing her breakout role as Samantha Baker in Sixteen Candles.  Aside from pimping raisins as Linda, founder of Linda’s Babysitting Service, Ringwald was also spending a lot of time recording vocals for Disney albums around this time.  Alright, back to working on the Up! Fair and junk…

  • Unnecessary criticisms about raisin ad. Molly’s crooked glasses bothers me for some strange reason. Like someone smacked her on the side of her head just before taking her picture. Also what kind of kid eats a raisin with two hands? Madness! Bah! Unnecessary criticisms complete. As you were.

  • Vanessa

    Hi there! Love the site and have been visiting you for 2 years semi-religiously! Disney’s Merry Christmas Carols was/is a holiday staple since I can remember. It’s dated 1980 and one of my favorites is ‘The First Noel’ sung by none other then our own Miss Molly Ringwald! I had always wondered if they two were one…. Thanks for solving my mystery!