Episode 21: Dusting off the Branded Microcast for an anniversary…

By Shawn Robare

I’m not that big on anniversaries, but Branded in the 80s turns 5 years old this month and since I’ve been getting prods to record some new episodes of the podcast I thought this would be a good opportunity. 

This time I invite the listener to peek behind the curtain a bit as I share a silly story about the debacle of my Soda Pop Culture column here at Branded.  I talk a bit about why I started it, what the plans were, and how it all fell flat (oh puns.)  Will I do more shows?  Nobody knows…

Some of the links mentioned in this episode:

Liz Vitale and her Puppatoons site

Charles over at Eclectorama

The Retroist

Some pictures of the insane amount of soda I purchased

  • This reminds me of your episode 10 show notes that started off with “Alright, I’m still not convinced that this is the brightest idea I’ve ever had…” Sitting on all that cheap soda may not have been a good idea but it made for some great podcast listening. What I always found inspiring and entertaining about your podcast was not necessarily the subjects you’d cover but your rabid enthusiasm and the sometimes obsessive lengths you’d go to in preparation for them. This soda story is classic Branded obsession. The subject doesn’t even matter anymore. At this point I just listen because it’s you. I always wondered why you had an unconventional tagging system on the blog where posts fell into single categories instead of the more traditional practice which is to tag each entry with multiple keywords. I just thought you did it that way because it kept things looking neat and organized.

  • Loved this one, Shawn. I too have traversed the ups and downs of buying, storing and tasting vintage soda. Some sodas keep better than others. I’ve had soda from 10 years ago that still tasted good (considering), then I’ve had some soda that’s only a year old and it tasted like ASS. 20oz and 2 liter bottles don’t keep as well as cans or bottles. Plus, you have to think of spillage. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to clean up leaking cans. Such a pain in the ASS. Part of the soda life, my friend. :-)