Putting the banana in the Batman…

By Shawn Robare

Thought I’d take a second today to share this great gift that I received in the mail in response to my TMNT postcard project from a few weeks ago.  Mr. & Mrs. McFavorite (of the fun podcast Open Your Toys) sent in this awesome vintage mini DC comics cookbook (ripped out of a July, 1981 issue of Woman’s Day magazine)…

Seriously, it boggles the mind.  There were so many geeky awesome kid-centric inserts and advertisements in these 70s/80s era housewife magazines that 30 years later they’ve become a goldmine for great vintage ephemera.  From insanely obscure Transformers comics and cool mail-away and in-store Tron merchandise, to the coolest jungle gyms known to man and advertisements for the one and only Nerd Tuxedo, Woman’s Day was apparently where it was at in the early 80s and I never knew.

This tiny cookbook is no exception and features some food art that I’m sure to try and replicate in the coming weeks at the house of Branded.  Nothing says “Um, um, Good” like a Mild Mannered hamburger…


Though in reality there is no conceivable way that the Superman insignia scrawled on top of the cheese would last past the placement of the Clark Kent bun-face, it’s still pretty awesome that the fella or gal in charge of writing this insert thought enough about the character to consider his patented transformation in the recipe.  I guess this is one burger that begs to be eaten open-face style.  As a side note, I never thought about adding wheat germ and bread crumbs to my hamburger patties.  I wonder if it gives the burger a more meatloaf like consistency?

There’s even a “recipe” for constructing an army of villainous Veggie Robots!

Well, at least I think they’re villains based on their threatening posturing and proclamations to destroy some of our favorite foods, healthy or not.  I also love the notation at the bottom that parents could order a copy of this army as a full-sized poster.  “Mommy, I can’t sleep under the paralyzing olive-eyed stare of Broclotron!”


Next up we’re charged with solving the case of the Invisible Banana French Toast with Batman and Robin.  Though the writers got a bit cheeky with this entry (“You get that taste by putting the banana IN the Batman…”), I did learn a new term, Alimentary.  By the by, it means of or relating to nourishment or nutrition.

Lastly we have Flash’s Quick Apple Crisp, that actually isn’t all that quick.  I mean, having to peel, core and slice up 5 apples and baking for over half an hour still seems like work to me…

Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. McFavortie, this was an awesome gift!

  • Cinemette

    I have owned this book for a long time, it’s one of my favorite cookbooks from my childhood! Yes, there are a few Green Lantern recipes in there. He actually has a three-recipe arc (!!!) where he fights The Peanut Butter Menace (all his recipes are PB-related). Nothing Aquaman-related, sadly, but The Joker serves up some “Crack-A-Joke Popcorn Balls” (get what they did there?). Oh there is so, so much good in the book. There’s also another relatively homoerotic scene where Batman and Robin secretly mix up their own recipes for salad dressing in the lab.

  • Hannah

    Holy crap….that is fantastically awful!

  • Paxton – I wonder if DC would ever do something like this again. I’d love to see Joker’s “Jerk” Chicken or maybe something from the Green Lantern. Slick – Thanks again man, this was awesome. I’m posting a companion piece to this next week. Muppet Babies!

  • Glad everyone enjoyed this. I knew Shawn would do it justice.

  • Peter – No problem. Strange Kid – Especially when you get to eat their heads and make robot armies!

  • Meal time is always more fun with superheroes! :D

  • Peter

    I remember having this cookbook when I was younger. Thanks for the memories.

  • PRG – Yeah, I wish I would have known about the treasures in these magazines when I was a teenager because I used to see a ton of these at antique shops and stuff. Not so much anymore… CJW – Nope, this is the whole thing. Though I can only imagine if there were one it would have involved canned tuna…

  • Cool! Do you know if there are any Aquaman related recipes or such inside?

  • PhillyRadioGeek

    Wow, I think I remember this! The S-shaped ketchup is what brings it back for me. What a find!