Wax Paper Pop Art #27, The most powerful wrappers in the universe!

By Shawn Robare

Today is Friday the 13th which seems like the perfect opportunity to share some cool Jason Vorhees themed bits of Wax Paper Pop Art, but alas none exist.  This reminds me of one of my favorite blogs that is sadly defunct, the Bubblegum Fink.  BF was a huge influence on Branded, and one of the really cool things he did was to create sets of digital trading cards that aped the style of Topps sets back in the 70s and 80s.  One of my favorite would-be sets was for Friday the 13th, and it would have been awesome had it actually existed.  I never saved any of the images sadly, but here’s a post of someone else who took notice of these awesome pieces of should-be-nostalgia

Anyway, in lieu of simplistic Hockey Mask art I thought I’d share a set of some of my favorite Topps card wrappers from the Masters of the Universe series circa 1984…

These images, in particular of He-Man and Skeletor were very prevalent on MOTU merchandising back in the day.  Actually both of them also grace the two Lazer Blazer sticker sets as well.  It’s kind of cool to get a chance to see the same image in so many iterations over the years…


I talked about the sticker cards from this set, as well as a bunch of other MOTU stickers in an older Peel Here column.

  • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

    Dave – I don’t think she did. Filmation took a lot of strides to tone the series from it’s toy origins, I’m guessing to appease parent’s groups and the government. MOTU was one of the first cartoons to really rock the boat and bring action back to children’s programing (along with Blackstar and Thundarr), but it was still only taking baby steps past neutered shows like the Super Friends and the various Hanna Barbera teen mystery-solving gangs. I do agree that the snake get-up is pretty darn striking and it would have been awesome to see it make it’s way into the show. Similarly He-Man gets stripped of his huge battle axe and sheild. Actually most of the characters lost their trademark weapons that the toys had…

  • Dave

    Did Teela ever wear that snake get-up on the cartoon? Seems like they dropped the ball on that one because she looks way cooler with it.