Peel Here #112, Of course Robo Force stickers are puffy, makes them more hugable!

By Shawn Robare

I was rifling though my personal cabinet at work looking for my sketchbook when I came across this sheet of Robo Force puffy stickers that I meant to scan and write about awhile ago.  Though I’m sure there was a name brand version of these stickers, I’ve only ever seen them issued as generic unbranded knock-offs on eBay and elsewhere.  I’m pretty sure these were released in 1984 along with the rest of the toy-line and Robo Force merchandise before the franchise took a nose dive into obscurity.  I’ve written about these toys on the site before, and actually I just recently managed to find a mint in box S.O.T.A. figure (pictured in the stickers below to the left) to add to my 80s robot collection…

The other sticker featured is Wrecker which has a bit of resonance with me since he was the only Robo Force figure I had as a kid.  The missing sticker on this sheet featured one of the cooler Robo Force characters, Sentinel, which is probably why he’s absent.  There was also a second set of three sticker availalbe that featured the main hero and some of the villains from the line (Hun-Dred, Cruel, and Max Steele himself).  I’d also like to point out that these stickers were gifted to my by the gracious Jerzy Drozd of the Art & Story and Comics Are Great podcasts.

In other Peel Here news, yours truly was referenced on the Retroist website recently in a wonderfully odd Alternate History of the Sticker by none other than the Claymation Werewolf himself, J.C. Beirau.  I can only hope to be half as reclusive in my old age as he made me out to be…

  • A – Honestly, except to the few proud fans of Robo Force, these stickers aren’t worth much. There is a boom of vintage puffy sticker collecting, but I’m pretty sure these would only fetch a couple bucks…

  • Annonymous

    I was just looking through some old scratch n’ sniffs with my kids and came across some of these robo force stickers. I have no idea where they came from but they are really cool. Do they have some sort of value? Are they collectibles?

  • Holy crap! I think I used to have one of these figures! But, alas, for the life of me I don’t remember which!

  • Great peel here! my toy/sticker combo wasnt as wonderfully obscure but still pretty cool. Im ashamed to say that My Blackstar toys and stickers were a total mystery to me the whole time i grew up. I only figured out what it was in the last couple of years.I still own my sticker books and the toys (which are pretty cool, and featured the latest in cigarette lighter technology!