PCP #8, Stalking thorugh upstate New York, it’s Jason Vorhees!

By Shawn Robare

Catching back up with the Post Card Project, today’s feature is on Jason who has a great toy and pop culture site called simply enough Jason Vorhees’ Blog

At the time I sent out the cards I didn’t realize that Jason’s favorite character was Donatello, so he ended up getting a Mikey card, but regardless I’m happy that through this project I was able to find a new site to frequent.  Jason’s got a really down to Earth yet passionate take on pop culture, and I’ve had a blast reading along with his observations as he shares his various toy and ephemera finds.  If you get a second, head on over and check out his site!

It’s hard to see it, but he’s got quite a nice TMNT and toy collection behind him in the photo.  In particular I see some Robo Force figures up top that warm my heart a bit…

  • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

    TL – Yeah, it’s like vintage social networking, except it’s a bit more tangible with the postcard connection…

  • http://mattandtimfunny.blogspot.com/ Tim L.

    Thanks for making these connections, Shawn. Not sure I would have stumbled upon Jason’s blog otherwise. A cool blog he’s got going there…

  • http://www.brandedinthe80s.com/ Shawn Robare

    Jboy – Cool, thanks for stopping by here (if it’s by way of Jason’s site.) Jason – No problem man. Nice (on the picture of the Mewes.) I don’t have a ton of autographs, but there is one picture I have of Darth Vader, Lando, and Bobba Fett that I manged to get both Jeremy Bulloch and David Prowse to sign. I still need Billy Dee’s signature though. Should probably get it framed…

  • https://www.jasonvorhees.wordpress.com Jason

    Thanks for the kind words. I have added to the TMNT and toy collection recently, but haven’t had the time to update the collection pictures. Still lots of stuff to decide whether to display or store away until I get a house. Here’s a cool bit of info…if you look at the picture above, there is a picture to the right of me, signed by none other than Jason Mewes. Bong!

  • jboypacman

    Jason is a great guy and a good blooging buddy and friend. : )