Halloween Mask Madness, Day 15: I wonder if zombie Sandpeople ride zombie Banthas?

By Shawn Robare

Well, we’re just about at the halfway point on this year’s Countdown.  So far there have been roughly 177 different masks from the 23 vintage monster mask ads featured and there’s a whole lot more where they came from.  Today’s post features another Distortions ad that’s listed under the Nightmares heading, and it comes from issue #68 of Fangoria published in 1987…

If there’s one thing that stands out about these Distortions ads it’s that they don’t feel like order forms or catalog pages as much as a showcase for the awesome masks and the level of gore the company managed to achieve.  There’s more personality to them, which is because of both the graphic design and the simple fact that the Distortions masks look like they’re alive!  What’s even more insane are the amazingly low prices.  Some of these extraordinarily detailed masks are only $28, which even back in 1987 was unheard of.

As a quick aside, am I just crazy or does that top row of masks (the Xeroid, Mummy and Demon) sort of look like the re-cursor to zombie Star Wars?  The Xeroid sort of looks like the Bith cantina band design, while there are aspects between both the mummy and demon which give the vibe of one of the Sandpeople.  Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, come back tomorrow for more mask tomfoolery, and if you’re looking for a ton of Halloween content all through the month of October, make sure to stop on by the official Countdown to Halloween site and check out the list of participating blogs for 2011.  You’ll be glad you did!

  • AHS – Sometimes I think that Star Wars is way too ingrained in my subconscious. I’m sure I’d see Tusken Raiders in an inkblot test too.. ;)

  • Awwwww I remember this ad! I always wanted that “Decay” one. And how funny, that other one DOES look like a zombie Sand Person–People.. er, Tusken Raider.