Halloween Mask Madness, Day 31: Happy Halloween!

By Shawn Robare

Alright Boils and Ghouls!  We’re finally here, Halloween is upon us and tonight lucky kids all over the country will be knocking on doors and stuffing pails, sacks, pillow cases, and bags with all sort of sugary goodness.  Tomorrow is set aside for a million tummy aches, but tonight there will be chocolate!  And fake blood.

For this last post of the season I’ve decided to share the longest single ad in my collection.  It comes from issue #117 of Fangoria which was printed in 1992.  Featuring witch boobies, corpses, devils, skeletons, silly masks, licensed masks, Aliens, Critters, demons, vampires, Frankenstein’s Monsters, gore, and 5, count ’em, 5 different Jack-o-Lantern masks!  This is a crazy blowout sale ad from the folks at Distortions Unlimited, and I love it!

All told, I’ve shared in the neighborhood of 370 different masks from all sorts of companies, and that’s just a fraction of what was available between the late 70s through the early 90s.  I’ve been wanting to showcase these mask ads for awhile and it feels good to finally have them up on the site.  Now it’s time carve my 7th pumpkin of the season, watch a few more horror films, and kick back and wait for some trick-or-treaters to come by begging for candy.  Hope you all dug the countdown this year, and as always…

…if you’re looking for a ton of Halloween content all through the month of October, make sure to stop on by the official Countdown to Halloween site and check out the list of participating blogs for 2011.  You’ll be glad you did! Have a happy Halloween, and maybe tonight will be the night that the Great Pumpkin finally does show up…

  • Jim – Yup, I know that, it was noted in the post. I wanted to give some background on the whole Magazine Ad mask phenomenon of the 50s-90s so I posted some of the early stuff before getting to stuff mainly from the 70s-90s. Thanks for the fact check though…

  • Jim

    http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2780/5814287823_f5d28c305d_o.jpg I was going to write you and mention that the monsterrific ad reprint at the link here is not from the ’80s….

  • Man! Awesome collection of maskstotally inspired me for costume ideas for next Halloween. Any idea where I can get something like that these days?

  • Shawn, Superb work. I’m a big fan of your site. Keep up the excellent work. Not sure if you’ve ever seen this show but I recommend Starcade to you. Best game show of the 80s and their site is loaded with episodes. Thanks again. I’m going to go watch some Dungeons & Dragons. – Dan Budnik

  • Awesome collection of pics! Happy Halloween!

  • Thanks for all the great masks, and Happy Halloween!

  • Happy Halloween Shawn! Enjoyed seeing all these masks again!

  • The Retropolitan

    Happy Hallowe’en!