He came, he saw, he podcasted, He-Man.

By Shawn Robare

Recently the kind folks over at The Nerd Lunch podcast invited me back on the show to geek out on some more of our favorite topics.  The show features NL alums CT and Jeeg, as well as Paxton from Cavalcade of Awesome, and once again I had a blast!

We spend the episode discussing the classic Masters of the Universe toy line from Mattel.  From our first memories of the toys to how we feel about them almost 30 years later.  If you want to hear me wax nostalgic on MOTU, then head on over to Nerd Lunch and give the episode a listen.  You can also find their show on iTunes.

  • Jeeg – It’s pretty cool when you can get something like this that encapsulates what you had. I remember back in 2001 I was working nights at Kinkos and I ended up painstakingly piecing together a huge poster print of all the G.I. Joe figures I had as a kid. Not pretty, but effective… Ben – Thanks! I try my best when tackling subjects like this…

  • Ben

    Hey Shawn! I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I dug this podcast, man. It’s always cool to hear you on a show and you certainly did the MOTU nerds proud on this one. Nerd Lunch seems pretty rad, too. So I’m going to continue listening.

  • I still have that poster and it’s still fantastic. The art is great, but I also like it because it covers exclusively the era I collected. No flocked and scented guys in that lineup.

  • CT – Yeah, it’s one of the reasons I cherish my issues of the MOTU magazine, all the great artwork. And no problem for guesting, I always enjoy the heck out of it.

  • CT

    We touched on the painted art that Mattel used briefly, but that poster there in your post is a prime example of what we were talking about. Jeeg and I roomed together in college for a few semesters and he had that poster hanging up in the dorm room for most of that duration. Thanks again for coming on Shawn. It was a great discussion and I’m looking forward to more discussions with you on the show in the future!