Vacation, Day 2! More Muppet Magazine!

By Shawn Robare

It’s day two of my day job vacation, and I’m diving back into the Fall 1984 Issue of Muppet Magazine to share a couple more advertisements…

First up is this Advertisement for Unico.  I’ve never heard of this series, but tiny flying Japanese unicorns look pretty darn fun to me.  I love that this ad wasn’t geared towards girls, but instead features a boy and a girl.  Everyone loves unicorns, right?

Next up is this ad for Hallmark stickers.  What I thought was pretty cool about this is that beyond the odd issue of Stickers Magazine, I never tend to see ads for stickers, let alone the more generic Hallmark stickers.  It’s something I love about back issues of Muppet Mag!

  • “The Fantastic Adventures of Unico” was a 1981 animated feature produced by Sanrio (the “Hello Kitty” people) with animation provided by Madhouse Studios (best known for certain anime classics like Wicked City, Barefoot Gen, Redline and a slew of others.

    The character himself, and the original manga that was published through a Sanrio girls’ magazine prior to the film was from the God of Manga himself, Osamu Tezuka, though his name barely gets more than a single nob in he opening of the video itself on this cassette (not be well-known at the time this video came out in ’84).

    The film itself led to follow-up sequel a year or so later called “Unico and the Island of Magic”, also released by RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video in the states. Both films were released on DVD and BluRay domestically from Discotek Media.

    • This is one of those series I missed out on back in the day that I probably need to catch back up with. I love “discovering” stuff from the 80s that is completely new to me…

      • What you need to know is that Unico is a fugitive for life! That’s basically his fate as you’d find out during the first film. The manga pretty much went this way too.