Taking a closer look at Robocop, literally…

By Shawn Robare

7539715584_cb52a4a1a0_oDay three of the Robomadness is here, and along with it are a series of blueprint/schematic illustrations for both Robocop and ED-209…


Ever wonder where Murphy’s Digestion Organ Pot or Main Energy Battery are located?  Wonder no longer.  I used to love finding imagery like this when I was a kid.  Not that any of this is useful in a practical manner, but the idea that the creators of these kinds of characters were thinking about them this deeply.  My favorites used to be when there would be a weapon or gadget breakdown in the Marvel Universe Handbook issues.  You know, illustrating how Spider-Man’s web-shooters or Wolverine’s claws worked.



If nothing else, I feel comfortable knowing that Robocop has a black box separate from his computer backup system.  Can’t be too careful when it comes to a healthy disaster recovery plan.



Here are some fun illustrations of ED-209 as well…




All of the above came from an out-of-print Japanese magazine I believe, as well as the two ED-209 illustrations below…



Last up today is something a bit more modern in the form of a recent Robocop screening poster.  Artist Tim Doyle did this wonderful explosive schematic titled “Murphy, It’s You”…


You can find Tim’s website here, as well as some fairly decently priced screen prints of the above poster at the Spoke Art store!

  • Paxton – I wasn’t able to get ahold of a copy of the comic in time. I do have a complete run of the Marvel comic that I’m going to talk about before the anniversary hits on the 17th. I need to read those Miller comics, though to be honest I do have a soft spot in my heart for the second film, weird and silly or not.

  • You going to review the Frank Miller Robocop? The script he wrote for part 2 that was rejected then re-written as an Avatar comic?