31 Days of Monsters, Day 1: Slimer’s coming to get you!

By Shawn Robare

Welcome back to another Branded in the 80s Countdown to Halloween!  This year marks my 7th year celebrating the season here on the site and I’m really excited to be able to resurrect the 31 Days of 80s Monster animation cels.  Back in 2009, and again in 2010 I had the opportunity to share a total of 62 Real Ghostbusters monster, ghost and creature animation cels from my personal collection.  This year I was able to dig up 31 new pieces, though I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and alternate between both the Real Ghostbusters and Filmation Ghostbusters cartoons.  Though TRG is arguably the more popular franchise, oddly enough Filmation GB animation cels are much harder to come by.  It’s taken me years to be able to find some, though only enough cels so that I could share them during half of my Halloween-y countdown.  So I thought it would be fun to bounce back and forth.

To get this started though, lets go back to the 31 Days of Monsters roots with this awesome cel featuring everyone’s favorite focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm, or a Class 5 full roaming vapor (who can eat a vending cart full of hotdogs like no one else), Slimer!

I absolutely fell in love with this cel when I stumbled across it.  Not only is Slimer wearing a great Hawaiian shirt, but that demonic expression is great.  I actually ended up donating this exact cel to the recent Strange Kids Club Issue 3 kickstarter to help raise the funds needs to get that comix anthology printed.  So this guy hopefully has found a new loving home where it will be displayed proudly in a “Strange” collection.  Be sure to keep tabs on the Strange Kids Club to get the details on when Issue three will be available for public purchase, as it’s going to be an issue full of fun comics and articles that you won’t want to miss.

As a bonus, here’s a scan of the accompanying pencil sketch that the base animation cel was produced from…

So come back each day this month for a new monster animation cel, and also, for more Halloween-y fun all month long, be sure to check out the Countdown to Halloween website for the complete list of sites participating in this year’s spooky fun.  John Rozum has been working hard compiling the list, and it looks like there is a lot of awesome sites already signed up.

  • Ryan – These are scan of my actual collection of animation art cels (the ones used to produce the cartoons back in the 80s.) Though I do have some cels from other cartoons, these are sort of hard to come by and can get expensive. There are other shows that I would like to tackle in this manner, but unless I can find cels that fit into my budget, I think I’ll stick to what I currently have. Thanks for the interest though!

  • Ryan

    I am digging these countdown pictures. Have you thought about changing to another theme? I don’t think too many other themes would have the depth of Ghost busters, but maybe you could try an Adam’s family one at some point.

  • Cody – Thanks! I love doing these animation cel countdowns for sure…

  • This is a great idea for the countdown, nice first post as well.

  • Todd – Right back atcha man! Looking forward to all the great stuff Neato Ghoulville has to offer this year!

  • Neato, more cels! Looking forward to seeing all of them especially the Filmation cels!

  • Great kick off post. Shawn, I too was a little lax in prep and I had to bare down and power through a bunch the past week. I have about 3 of the 4.5 weeks of the month done. I actually had to cut out a few things things because I just didn’t have time. I hate doing that. Btw, I’m thrilled you are including Filmation’s Ghost Busters in the countdown this year. I love that cartoon. It’s sort of the Rodney Dangerfield of cartoons.

  • Wow, what a great piece! I think that could be your social media profile pic :)

  • It’s great to see the cels have returned! Every time i browse these things on eBay, I think of your countdowns.

  • Dex – To eat all those hotdogs? Michael – Hopefully! Didn’t manage to get as much pre-work done as I would have liked, so I’m hoping to keep up the posts in a timely manner!

  • It looks like this month will be a lot of fun! I can’t wait for the rest of the month…

  • Why does a non-corporeal entity need fangs?