31 Days of Monsters, Day 4: Jake Kong can run rings around this Colossus!

By Shawn Robare

We’re jumping back over to the Filmation Ghostbusters cartoon for today’s 31 Days of Monsters post.  This cel features Jake Kong Jr. facing off against a giant colossus, and it comes from the episode #13 (production # 68008) titled “A Friend in Need” from 1986.  In the episode, Prime Evil’s boss, Big Evil, decides to take over the organizational duties at Hauntquarters and it’s up to Jake, Eddie and Tracy to team up with Prime Evil to take Big Evil down!


This cel is from a segment where Big Evil animates two huge statues laying around Hauntquaters, and sends them after the heroes.  This giant metal colossus is pretty neat and reminds me a bit of the character design of Calibos from the original Clash of the Titans (p.s. world, I hate having to type “original” Clash of the Titans.)  Like most of the Filmation Ghostbusters cels I was able to acquire, this one was accompanied by a vintage production photocopy of the background…

…though in this case the background isn’t accurate (though it was taped to the cels to keep them in place on it which is weird.)  Checking in this episode I can see that the BG is a bit different (though both feature the Hauntquarters setting.)

Either way, I’m glad to have it and honestly, it’s pretty darn awesome even all by its lonesome!

I love the quality in the Filmation backgrounds, it was always an area where they never skimped…

So come back each day this month for a new monster animation cel, and also, for more Halloween-y fun all month long, be sure to check out the Countdown to Halloween website for the complete list of sites participating in this year’s spooky fun.  John Rozum has been working hard compiling the list, and it looks like there is a lot of awesome sites already signed up.

  • These are pretty cool. I never saw many of the animated Ghostbuster shows so I have no memories of them, fond or otherwise. I see that Topps will be producing a Real Ghostbusters vs Mars Attacks comic next year! That, I`ll pick up.