31 Days of Monsters, Day 6: Sir Trance-A-Lot has already got a Holy Grail. It’s Ver-ary Nice!

By Shawn Robare

Playing a little bit of catch up today (didn’t get this guy posted at midnight like I wanted), but better later in the day than missing it completely I guess.  For today’s monster animation cel I have a really cool frame featuring one of Prime Evil’s main henchmen, Sir Trance-A-Lot!

I absolutely love the character design on STaL, what with his imposing skull face (mirrored on his steed Frightmare) and even his Dali-esque moustache and French-ish accent (provided by the much underappreciated Lou Scheimer.)  I love that as a ghost he’s also sort of like the Sandman from the Real Ghostbusters as his main power is to put people to sleep using his Trance Lance (which has a sawed-off tip and spews a sleep-inducing gas.)

This cel also came affixed to a production photocopy of a background, this one featuring a pretty gnarly-looking castle!

So come back each day this month for a new monster animation cel, and also, for more Halloween-y fun all month long, be sure to check out the Countdown to Halloween website for the complete list of sites participating in this year’s spooky fun.  John Rozum has been working hard compiling the list, and it looks like there is a lot of awesome sites already signed up.

  • When I was a child and watched Filmation Ghostbusters I didn’t notice how cool the baddies were. Sir Trance-a-Lot and Prime Evil (known as “Premier Malvado” in the version for Latin America) are the best of the bunch :D

  • Yeah, Shawn, the castle background would have been great as your Halloween banner this year.

  • I gotta agree with Pax! As much as I like the character art, that background is gorgeous. Full of old school menace – I love it.

  • I love this cel. Great capture and the background is AWESOME. Nice one, Shawn. Hopefully you have a good one of Prime Evil himself later this month. Or maybe one from the Ghostbusters HQ.