31 Days of Monsters, Day 11: Deadtime Synergy!

By Shawn Robare

It’s day eleven of the countdown and unfortunately I have another Real Ghostbusters animation cel that I haven’t been able to place in a specific episode.  Sometimes I wonder if I watch too many cartoons to a point where these things get so scrambled in my brain that it’s hard to remember anything.  Anyway, what drew me to this one was that for one, it was a woman (rare on my past Monster countdowns), and two she sort of brought the idea of a zombie Jem to mind.  Granted, she’s not as awesome as this zombie Jem by Christopher Tupa, but still, I like toying with the idea…

Actually, she kind of looks like a cross between Jem and Zombie Geena Davis from the end sequence of Beetlejuice now that I think about it (just without the wedding dress…)

So come back each day this month for a new monster animation cel, and also, for more Halloween-y fun all month long, be sure to check out the Countdown to Halloween website for the complete list of sites participating in this year’s spooky fun.  John Rozum has been working hard compiling the list, and it looks like there is a lot of awesome sites already signed up.