My Trap Jaws are Ver-Clampt…

By Shawn Robare

So while taking the below picture this morning I realized two things.  One, I need better lighting in Branded HQ, and two, I think Trap Jaw might be edging out Merman as my favorite character design in the Masters of the Universe toy line.  It worries me a little as I wonder if I’m falling into the Boba Fett trap (no, not the pit of Carkoon, the one where he gets a lot of love based on his design and not the actual character.)  Think I need to watch some more MOTU episodes this weekend and reacquaint myself with the character…

I just got my new 2000-era Trap Jaw in the mail and it seemed like an opportune time to snap a picture of it with one of Jerzy Drozd’s awesome crayon-colored sketches I have framed.  One of the things I’ve been trying to do this year has been changing the way I spend my Amazon Associates kickbacks.  Instead of just buying DVDs, I’ve been saving them up and buying some of the 2000 reissues of the MOTU toys for the walls at Branded HQ.  They go great next to the 25th Anniversay G.I. Joe figures and the vintage-style Star Wars toys.  Love starring at this stuff while I podcast.

  • GWGeek – Yeah, Matty did a Commemorative line back in 2000-2001 that re-issued like 20-25 of the original figures in a variation of their original packaging. I coveted the crap out of them at the time, but they were like $20 a piece which was more than I could afford then. Now they sell for between 40-100, but if you’re crafty you can find them for around 15-20 on places like Amazon. I’ve been slowly building a collection of these. Of note, they are the exact original molds. Matty either lost or had the originals destroyed and so in order to make these they actually went to eBay, bought a bunch of the original figures and had new molds made from those. So these are sort of second generation molds. Pax – Neat! I’ll be looking forward to hearing what you did with him!

  • Trap Jaw does have an excellent design. I love him too. If you listen to the Nerd Lunch that comes out on Tues, I’m given the rights to the character of Trap Jaw (and Trap Jaw only) and I have to come up with something to do with those rights.

  • I guess I didn’t even realize they released these back then. I remember the line they released for the show back in ’02. Were these around the same time?