The All New Branded in the 80s podcast, Episode 6 – The Marty McFly Theorem

By Shawn Robare

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Welcome back to episode 6 of the new Branded in the 80s podcast.  In this episode I dive into one of my favorite movies, Back to the Future, to discuss an aspect of the story that most folks don’t talk about, the other Marty McFly.  You know, the one that is at the end of the flick repeating the events of the opening, but this Marty is different.  He grew up with successful parents and siblings and he even owns that sweet black 4×4 truck.  I discuss the differences between Marty Alpha…


…and the lesser discussed Marty Beta.


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  • Steve L.K. Macrocranios

    I wonder if anyone ever just flat out asked Zemekis about it. He’s gotta have a twitter or convention appearance or something that has addressed this. Someone somewhere is bound to have asked him if the missing plutonium and the guy running around in the background were intentional. How is this still a mystery in the age of the connectivity we have nowadays?

    • My guess, honestly, is folks probably intend to (Zemekis isn’t super open to the fans, but Bob Gale the writer is), and whenever someone approaches either of them I’d be willing to bet they get tongue-tied and then don’t bother asking because they don’t want to be the person asking about minutia in a movie like this. Seriously, of all the neat folks I’ve met who have created the pop culture I love, I always intend to ask questions like this and then at the moment, I just feel like it would be an annoying question.

      • Steve L.K. Macrocranios

        I think this goes beyond minutiae into the realm of a very probable, deliberate set of storytelling cues that really could hint at a more cohesive plot than what there appears to be at first glance. One day after Zemekis is dead there’s going to be a convention or panel somewhere and all the BttF fans are going to look around at each other and feel dumb because nobody ever asked the guy about it.

        • I’ll have to try and reach out to Bob Gale, I’ve heard he’s very open to fans these days and am pretty sure he was on set for most of the shooting as well…

          • Steve L.K. Macrocranios

            I just read that a fan theory about Grease was brought to the attention of the director who promptly debunked it. The idea was that Sandy died on the beach and everything that happens after Danny saved her is a dream, which explains why the car flies into the air at the end. Anyways, it was at least one example of what we’ve been mulling over.