The All New Branded in the 80s Podcast: Episode 5!

By Shawn Robare

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So for those of you who are into hearing me talk instead of reading Branded pieces, the latest episode of the Branded in the 80s podcast is an audiobook rendition of the latest article I wrote, Thrashin’ and Trashin’ all about my years as an 80s skateboarding poser.  There’s a few extras thrown in for good measure as well as a shout out and a call back to last episode from the seriously awesome Michael of!


You can find the episode on iTunes, Stitcher, the Branded Facebook page, or you can also stream it directly from the handy player below, or download it directly by right-clicking and saving here.

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  • Jonny Russell

    Just got around to listening to your podcast. I hope you keep it up! As for this episode, I think a lot of us in the 80s got into the skateboarding craze. For my brother and I, it was because of Back to the Future. I wanted so bad to shoot sparks out of the back of my board! My skateboard was a lot like the one in your picture, except I had fluorescent guards. It was the 80s after all! While I also was never a real skater, it was fun pretending to be one for a while. And certainly cooler than the Pogoball…

    • First off thanks for listening and I’m glad you’re digging the show. I totally agree that Back to the Future had a huge influence on our generation when it came to skating (hell, I also saved up and bought a guitar at the first chance I got because of that flick as well.) And the Pogoball? Damn, I could never stay on that thing…

  • Steve L.K. Macrocranios

    I totally understand being a poser for some 80s pop culture movement. I was a big time Nintendo poser. I’d superficially talk Nintendo games with friends who were collectors and I guess I knew enough to make it through the conversations. I knew stuff since I used to call the tip line because I was amused by Captain Nintendo, and I even got the newsletter which later became a Nintendo Power subscription. I just never actually had an NES. I don’t know if I was a poser or just a rampant out of control casual fan. I have boxes of NES related detrius from my childhood that would seem like evidence of me being big into Nintendo, yet I never had any of their systems until I bought a Game Boy used around ’91.

    I got to play NES games at friends’ or cousins’ houses so I remember Zelda and Mario when they first came out, but I never had them to myself for long periods of time so I never beat any of them or got very far. I felt like a fan but without the actual system it was like being a second hand one, or a closet one, or mostly I felt I was a poser. I guess I was consumed by 8-bit NES hype. I don’t know how anyone could not be big into Nintendo at the time. Still I somehow managed to remain a Nintendo virgin throughout the 80s in that I never got past level 1 in anything.

    Which was weird because when my parents finally could get me one, and asked me which video game system I wanted, I had them buy a Turbografx-16.

    • That’s actually pretty interesting Steve. Though I did have the NES, I only ever owned a few games and only had limited access to games I’d rent at blockbuster. I also had a subscription and it did feel weird reading (and loving) all the articles and reviews of games I never played. I have nostalgia for stuff like Hogan’s Alley and the Punisher game (ads for both were on my wall as a kid), but I’ve played neither.

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