The All New Branded in the 80s Podcast, Episode 4!

By Shawn Robare

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In the fourth episode of the Branded in the 80s podcast I decide to dive into a topic I don’t cover very often at the site, music.  In particular I take a closer look at one of my favorite 80s era anthems, John Farnham’s Thunder in Your Heart.  I talk about the song, the soundtrack that it appears on (the 1986 film Rad), and the shock I had when I found out that not just one but two of my other favorite anthem artists have also covered the song, Joe Esposito (of the You’re the Best Karate Kid fame) and Stan Bush (of the 1986 Transformers The Touch fame,)  Join me as I break down the song, compare and contrast the different versions and play a brand new remix that combines all three versions into one crazy bit of audio cacophony.


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  • Very fun episode, Shawn. I love doing research on stuff like this, very fun listen.

    • Thanks Jason! I’d written this one out as a regular piece here at Branded, but it’s the kind of content that you really need to hear (minus my William Shatner-esque reading of the lyrics, no one needed to hear that ;) )

  • Rockox

    Having never heard Thunder In Your Heart before, this was a fun listen. I thought the remix at the end was an inspired idea but holy cow it sucks, hahaha. Being a Transformers fan, I gotta give it to Stan Bush.

    • ;) Yeah, we were just having fun with that. It’s totally audio cacophony. If you dig Thunder in Your Heart you may also dig the other Farnham tune from Rad, Break the Ice…

      • Rockox

        Yep, I dig that too. The only other Farnham song I’d heard before was his version of Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way from The Transformers.

        • TheNavigator

          John Farnham is a massive star in his homeland Australia where he even dates back to the 60s and has had many hits there. But in the UK he was mainly known for being a one hit wonder with his 1986 Top 10 UK hit (only 82 in the US his biggest hit there) Your The Voice which is a great track . Also being a massive 80s rock fan and soundtrack fan his tracks for the cult 1985 vigilante movie Savage Streets are also great

          • I never knew that Farnham did Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way before KickAxe (Spectre General) covered it for Transformers the movie soundtrack. Now I need to check out that flick!

        • Wow, so I never knew that Farnham did Nothin’s Gonna Stand in Our Way before KickAxe (Spectre General) covered it for Transformers!

  • Steve L.K. Macrocranios

    I have never ever found a pump ’em up song that comes close to ‘Eye of the Tiger’. I remember seeing Rocky III (I think that’s the one it was in) at the theater and being blown away by what a strong montage anthem like that could do for a story. All of these others try to be Eye of the Tiger but nothing else ever came close for me. In fact they all seemed like copycats or outright parodies as in the case of that Karate Kid song by Joe Esposito which is flat out hilarious in how cheesy it ends up taking the formula.

    • Eye of the Tiger is a great one, but it’s hard for me to top The Touch by Bush or Break the Ice by John Farnham. Hell, I’m even partial to Frank Stallone’s Far From Over from the Staying Alive soundtrack…