Peel Here & Scream, Day 23!

By Shawn Robare

I thought I’d round out this second to last week in this 2015 Countdown with another sheet of fun branded stickers.  Yesterday was all about the Peanuts, and today touches on another of my favorite properties, The Muppets!  This sheet was released by Hallmark back in 1982…


It’s weird how Miss Piggy-centric a lot of the Muppets merchandise was back in the early 80s, specifically the stickers that were released by Hallmark.  This sheet is no exception with her oinkiness dominating this sheet with 4 of the 9 stickers.  At least there’s a Zoot sticker.  You don’t see him get the spotlight like that very often…

Well, there’s only 2 Saturdays left in the countdown, so swing by tomorrow to see what I have in store!


  • Really if you cut off that bottom row you’d never know there were any Muppets other than Piggy or Kermit. And can I just say that Piggy in a corset makes me feel very uncomfortable?

  • No_thriller

    I spoke too soon. THESE ARE AMAZING!!! I love the Peanuts stickers, but I’m a sucker for anything muppets. Awesome sheet of stickers!

    • I loved it when the Muppets merchandise did Halloween themed stuff. I have some fun comics in the archives from old issues of Muppet Magazine and the like…