Awesome 80s Bedrooms: Who’s the Boss Edition

By Shawn Robare

While writing about a bunch of these awesome bedrooms from 80s movies I figured at some point, if I want to keep finding new rooms to deconstruct I’d eventually have to branch out into TV series as well.  I was actually kind of psyched about this because I remember there being some amazing bedrooms in shows like Silver Spoons and Punky Brewster, and while both of those series do feature neat bedrooms (Rickey has a race car bed and Punky slept in a freaking wheel barrow/carriage) surprisingly there really is little to no actual pop culture junk to dissect.  Then the other night the girlfriend and I were watching some old episodes of Who’s the Boss when a bunch of fun stuff caught my eye in Johnathan’s room.  Enough that I felt like it warranted a bit more examination, so let’s take a closer look at Johnathan Bower’s awesome bedroom…



As you can see in the screenshot above the majority of the stuff in Johnathan’s room is pretty generic kid’s junk ranging from the super cheapo carnival stuffed animals to over-sized novelty sunglasses.  But the Darth Vader Star Wars action figure carrying case caught my eye which is what prompted me to take a closer look at the room, so let’s start there…


1). Kenner Darth Vader Star Wars Collector’s Case from 1980


2). Giant Crayola Crayon Plastic Novelty Coin Bank

Crayola Crayon Bank

3). Imperial Dragons & Daggers Battle Sword from 1983

imperial-1983-dragons and daggers battle sword

If ever there was a product in the 80s that I coveted hard core and never managed to procure it was those damn giant crayon banks.  At some point I managed to get my hands on a giant Coke bottle bank, but what I really wanted was the crayon bank because they looked so cool.  I remember seeing over-sized stuff like this in flicks like The toy, Big, and Jumpin’ Jack Flash and for some reason felt like my life wouldn’t be complete without one.  Guess I managed to survive alright though.  As for that Imperial Battle Sword, one of the set designers must of loved that line of toys because as you can see in this next shot Johnathan had practically one of every release from that series…


4). Imperial Dragons, Knight & Daggers Sabretooth Serpent from 1983

imperial dragons knights and beasts sabertooth serpent

imperial dragons knights and beasts sabertooth serpent 2

5). Imperial Dragons, Knight & Daggers Battle Beast from 1983

imperial dragons knights and beasts battle beast

6). Imperial Dragons & Daggers Fantasy Creatures from 1983

imperial-1983-fantasy creature 2

imperial-1983-fantasy creature 1

7). Imperial Dragons, Knight & Daggers Rhino Revenger from 1983

imperial dragons knights and beasts rhino_avenger

From what I can gather on these Imperial fantasy toys, they all came in multiple color combinations, so there were green and orange Sabretooth Serpents with red saddles as well as Purple and blue with gold (or red) saddles, and ever combo in between.  Any which way you cut it these were cheaper Masters of the Universe knock-offs that are pretty damn awesome for what they are.  Basically they were designed to be interchangeable with the MOTU figures as animal beast accessories that all came advertised with “12 Warrior Weapons” that you could use for your existing Masters figures.  Kind of ingenious.

Speaking of Masters of the Universe, the last main thing I wanted to point out in Johnathan’s room is a pretty super rare sought after item….


8). Spectra Star Trap Jaw Kite from 1982

MOTU spectra star kites

These Spectra Star kites were freaking awesome and featured an almost 5 foot full body version of the character.  I love that Johnathan has his hanging on his wall (as it’s what I would do with one if I could get my hands on a cheap one now.)  From time to time you see the He-Man and Skeletor kites pop up on ebay, but I’ve never seen a Trap Jaw.

Huge thanks to Liz Vitale from the rad Puppatoons site for identifying a couple more toys!  When it comes to stuff like plush dolls and horses, unless they’re Ewoks or 30-30 from Bravestarr I’m pretty clueless, so thanks Liz for adding a bit more info!  Here they are…


9). JC Penny Exclusive Breyer Chestnut Stallion from 1982

Bryer Stallion 1983

10). Giant Pink stuffed Snake from Kay Bee Toys

Pink Stuffed Snake from Kaybee Toys

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  • puppatoons

    I can add two more things!

    1)The giant pink stuffed snake was sold at Kay Bee toy stores. I got one for my birthday one year, but it was so huge it barely fit in my room!

    2) Also on the top shelf is an extremely common Breyer Horse, the Family Arabian Stallion. He was sold in that palomino color all through the 80’s.:

    • Rad! Thanks Liz! I updated the post and credited/linked to you! I’m pretty clueless when it comes to plush stuff and horse toys that aren’t 30-30 from Bravestar ;)

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  • Tony Danza AND 80s toys? Yes, yes, and yes.

    Is it nerdy to display a kite on the wall?

    • It is nerdy, but when it’s a 5′ die-cut version of Trap Jaw, how can you not?!?

      • This is true! I forgot that my TMNT windsock is hanging in my collection. That’s way worse!

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  • Dan Challis

    That sword really takes me back, I didn’t personally own it but a friend or neighbor had one and I played with it a lot. I’d completely forgotten about it until I saw this.

    • That’s one of the things I love about doing these bedroom breakdowns, find some of the weird obscure stuff that the prop departments picked up at the store that were not the big popular toylines. Stuff that was more easily forgotten over time, but still loved.

      • Dan Challis

        At the same time, when I see how weird and obscure some of these toys my parents and friend’s parents bought us, it makes me think they were just grabbing whatever was on clearance. I had lots of cool GI Joe and Star Wars toys, but for every one of those I had there was some weird knock-off toy or something from a failed toy line. For instance as a kid I had the D&D Fortress of Fangs playset and I didn’t own any other D&D toys, I’m guessing my parents saw it on sale and figured “That kind of looks like their He-Man toys” and gave it to me for Christmas. Not complaining though, I loved that thing and I knew some kids who were less fortunate and didn’t really have any toys.

        • Totally. Looking back it is weird how I’d have just one or two figures from a toy line, like D&D (had Warduke) or the Visionaries (had Witterquick), but nothing else. Agreed, I do think there was a lot of clearance shopping, and like you I’m glad. Looking back, I’m glad I was exposed to the toys and toy lines that I was, even the weird Drug Store knock off Transformers…