A Very T&C Christmas!

By Shawn Robare

It seems like the older I get the more my collecting urges tend to focus on some weirder things.  For instance, you can file this under obscure ephemera, but one of my favorite 80s era treasures in my collection is this lone Christmas card released back in the winter of 1988 by T&C (Town & Country Surf & Skate company.)

TandC Christmas Steve Nazar 1988

I’ve mentioned before that I practically lived in T&C shirts as a boy growing up in central Florida between 1980-1989.  I was such a huge fan of the design of the characters Thrilla Gorilla, Joe Cool, the Caveman, the little Tiki guys, Cool Cat, and the weirdo, green 3-eyed alien with the huge head.  So back in ’88 my head nearly exploded when I received an NES and the T&C Surf and Skate game cartridge for Christmas.  Even though that game was stupidly impossible to play I loved it and would stick it in before school each morning in an attempt to master the ability to surf for more than four straight seconds, or to ollie without stumbling over cracked pavement.

It wasn’t until almost 20 years later that I would finally learn that Steve Nazar was the artist responsible for bringing these rad characters to life, and only in the past year did I stumble upon the above piece of amazing holiday-themed artwork.  If I had found this card back in the 80s it would have unlocked the mystery of the artist as this one is attributed with his signature right under the worktable where the Caveman is assembling skateboards.

If you’re a fan of Nazar’s work for T&C and want to check out what he’s up to these days, head on over to his Instagram profile and check out the fun pieces he’s been sharing recently.  And tell him Branded sent ya!

  • Paxton Holley

    You and I are simpatico on T&C. I loved those shirts. I had very much a surfer vibe going on throughout elementary and high school. I’d live in T&C, Panama Jack and Ocean Pacific shirts. And board shorts. OMFG. I’d wear that stuff now if my wife would let me.

    • Amen. It was all T&C, Maui, Ocean Pacific and Billabong for me. I miss my denim Billabong tri-colored jacket. Mine was grey, mint green and baby blue…

  • This design will be on our Christmas cards next year.

  • I spent my entire elementary school career sitting behind boys who wore T and C. I guess every once in awhile they would mix it up with a Hobie, an O’Neill or an OP but T and C dominated. So much so that when my Dad called the logo a yin yang symbol I totally did not believe him.

    • Ha! Yeah, there were definitely a bunch of Vision Street Wear, Billabong, Hot Tuna, OP, and Airwalk shirts in my wardrobe…

  • Dre Dizon

    It’s been a few years since the post above, but we are excited to announce that Steve is still at work and Da Boys are back as Thrilla Krew! https://www.instagram.com/thrillakrew/

    • Yes! Very cool, been following on Instagram and am so stoked for the return of the Crew!