Monster Squad Art, Part 6!

By Shawn Robare

10710926_10152738966882328_5146327273773526587_nFor part 6 of the Monster Squad art showcase I thought it would be fun to share a couple of different takes on iconic aspects of the film.  First up is this awesome 8-bit inspired painting by Jude Buffum that showcases everyone’s favorite nard kicking moment…


To play off the fun 8-Bit NES style of Jude’s painting above is this fun mock-up of what a Monster Squad NES game would should have looked like by the swell purveyor of Culturally, M.E. Strange!  Check him out for the awesome month of Ghostbusters throughout October!


Next up is this really neat reimagining of the original Craig Nelson poster that has since become the official DVD cover art of the current Olive Films release of The Monster Squad on DVD by Corlen Kruger

Corlen Kruger

Monster Squad Wrapper

Today’s card is #29, “Bang.”

29 Bang F-B

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    There are a few characters in SEGA Eternal Champions from 1993 that remind me of The Monsters. Trident for The Gillman, MidKnight [ turns in to a bat ] for Dracula and maybe Slash for The Wolfman. Awesome game from the 16 Bit Era.

    • I missed out on so many Sega games from the 90s. My best friend at the time had one and I played a ton of Altered Beast, but I missed this one. My girlfriend is a Sega Genesis nut, I wonder if she ever played this. I’ll have to ask her…

  • Shawn! Thanks for the share guy. I’m honored to be featured among some fantastic artists.

    • I so love that mock-up you did, and seriously, I pine for that game…