Fine art from the fine folks at Cricket Press

By Shawn Robare

The land of Branded has basically been an empty field populated only by the sound of crickets chirping over the summer, but behind the scenes I’ve been gearing up for the coming Fall and my yearly Countdown to Halloween.  I have a fun month worth of posts planned for this season that I’ll be kicking off towards the end of September, but until then (and speaking of crickets) I thought I’d point to some work by a couple of my favorite artists, Sara & Brian Turner the supremely rad Cricket Press.  The duo have been producing some amazing illustrations and screen prints for over a decade and I’ve had the opportunity to meet, hang out and work with them during my tenure at Branded.  Could ask to meet nicer, more creative folks for sure.  Lately Cricket Press has been dipping into the 80s nostalgic well for inspiration in some of their prints that I thought readers here might really dig.  Specifically Sara has been illustration and designing a series of prints based on kid adventure flicks like The Goonies, Stand By Me, The Outsiders and E.T.


I love her eye for composition and the perspective she uses with her subjects.  There’s a storybook quality to the illustrations that nail the tone of the inspiration while still filtering the pieces through her style that is just awesome.  I love way she frames the stand off between the Goonies and the Fratellis in the above print for instance, or the way she condenses the story of the gang from Stand By Me into the one image below.  I can feel the vibrations of the train I know is coming, and it illustrates the adventure that’s ahead of Vern, Teddy, Chris and Gordy…



Cricket Press has also recently finished a series of 80s era iconic vehicle prints that are done in a very minimalist style that I absolutely love.  I have these hanging in Branded HQ right now…


The image above doesn’t do justice to the prints as they used metallic inks on the Delorean, KITT, and BA’s Van from the A-Team that really make these pop.

You can find all of these and more over at their Etsy shop, so head on over and check out their work.  You won’t be sorry!



    Always good to read some fresh Branded in the 80s, it`s a staple in my Retro reads. it keeps me off the News sites and away from the Dramas. I also check out a a few other sites from your Stuff I Dig list and have discovered plenty of Nostalgia Reup that I would not have known about otherwise. Great Artwork from Cricket Press, I did recognize the `Stay Gold` from The Outsiders. i Dig that movie.

    • Thanks man, yeah, I’m gearing up for a whole bunch of articles throughout October and hopefully getting back to Branded more often. It’s been awhile since I watch the Outsiders, I need to remedy that…


    According to IMDB it was directed by Coppola. I recommend ‘ That was Then… This is Now` 1985, another S.E. Hinton adaption, screenplay by Emelio Estevez. Starring Estevez. It has a clip of Lamar from ROTN rappin`. You may also recognize the other lead Craig Scheffer. There is a third in the S.E. chain with Rumblefish 1983 by Coppola with Matt Dillon and Mikey Rourke which I need to refresh my memory on. I had 3 read all books in High School.

    • Yeah, back when Coppola was still making great movies. I haven’t seen the other two but they’re going on my to-watch pile!

  • Jason Kaphingst

    Yeah, Cricket Press does some great work – I’ve got a few of their Gigposters in my collection. Very talented peeps indeed.

    • Was so happy to get to work along side them to help put on the Up! Fair a few years ago, Sara and Brian are the coolest.

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