Rebuilding the 80s, brick by brick…

By Shawn Robare

So it was announced today that the 7th official Lego Cuusoo project is going to be brick artist Brent Waller’s Ghostbusters play set.  I was pretty excited when I saw the news because the work he did on his Ecto-1 is kind of beyond superb…


Not only is the Ecto-1 really beautiful, but his minifigs of our four heroes managed to really nail the personalities of Egon, Ray, Winston, and Peter.


For those unfamiliar, Lego Cuusoo is a community-building based platform to submit ideas to Lego.  These projects are put out to the public for support, and if they garner enough attention and votes the project is submitted to a review board for the possibility of becoming a production set.  The set that drew my attention to this concept was the Back to the Future DeLorean submitted early last year…


The DeLorean wasn’t the first “branded” Cuusoo project, but it’s the first older property that I’m sure fans have been making builds of for years to finally see an official release.  I haven’t picked it up yet, but it sure is tempting.  The final build is slightly different than the proposed version above, a little blockier and a bit less sleek, but it’s still pretty fantastic…


Coming hot on the heels of M. Togami’s Back to the Future DeLorean, this new Ghostbusters project got me thinking about what other possible 80s era projects builders have in the works.  I mean with two major 80s properties now available you know folks have to be scrambling to showcase their skills on other franchises.  It reminded me of a pretty rad series of Goonies sets I saw up on the site recently designed by a builder that goes by the handle Lyonsblood…

goonies 1

These Goonies sets manage to capture the adventure and aesthetic of the film in a very condensed format.  Take the organ of bones play set he calls Skeleton Scare.  The slide, the pit of spikes and the overall design of the cave are very rad and easily evoke the flick.  He’s also designed a set for One-Eyed Willie’s pirate ship…

goonies 3

But what really sold me on the Goonies designs were the minifig sets of both the Goonies gang, as well as Mama Fratelli and her boys.

goonies 2

goonies 4

As neat as these were I figured they’d probably never see the light of day, but after seeing Funko release a series of vinyl Pop Goonies figures there might be some hope just yet!  So, what other fun 80s-centric projects are floating around on Lego Cuusoo?  How about this rad large format build of the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee by artist Kenta974!

Dukes of Hazzard 1

Dukes of Hazzard 2

I love how he rendered the rebel flag on the roof, though it’s a design element that is the nail int eh coffin of this project never coming to fruition.  I’d have a hard time seeing Lego seek branding approval for such a controversial symbol as that iconic flag.  Even so, the build is awesome.  While we’re on the subject of rad cars, how about this super cool rendition of the Knight Industries Two Thousand by StevesXD

Knight Rider

He really managed to nail K.I.T.T.’s sleek curves and I think any Knightrider fan would love to have this on their shelf…

How could we have the Ecto-1, BTTF Time Machine, the General Lee and K.I.T.T. without the A-Team and B.A.’s super cool van?!?  Thanks to Isreal Lemus, we can take a look at a possible design as well as Hannibal, Murdock, B.A. and Faceman…


Are we likely to see these other projects coming to full Cuusoo fruition?  Probably not.  I’d have to hazard a guess that the A-Team is too violent a property, the Dukes of Hazzard too controversial, and Knightrider not quite popular enough on the pop culture spectrum to garner enough potential buyers, but I think that the Goonies set has an honest to goodness shot if it can manage to get enough votes to put it in front of the review board.

The only build that’s absent from this list that really surprises me is Airwolf.  I must have spent two solid years trying to perfect my own “Lady” out of my rag tag mix of Space and Town sets as a kid.  I’m really kind of flabbergasted that no one has submitted a build for one on Cuusoo yet.  I couldn;t close out this post without one though, so here’s a beautiful build of the “Lady” by artist Orion Pax




  • Now I just need someone to design a set based on Labyrinth and I can check off the boxes of all my favorite 80s-movies-turned-Lego.

    • That would be awesome. They’d have to get Bowie’s crotch just right for me to buy it though. It’d need to be imposing yet weirdly welcoming…

  • This.

    • Yeah, I’d love some classic cartoon sets too. At least a small build like this would rule. :)

    • Also…

  • Love the Goonies mini figures!
    How about Top Gun? They could have the planes, air craft carriers, etc. but then could also make a sand volleyball court.

    • Lol, that volley ball set would be priceless (I can see the smug smirk on Iceman now.) I’d actually love a nice F-14 Tomcat with little Maverick and Goose figures, especially their helmets. Good call!

    • Looks like folks all already on it too! ;)

    • Also, this is a nice Top Gun F-14 build!

  • I like that they added the octopus in the Goonies set. Referenced by Data – but never seen. And the Knightrider car is beautiful.

    • Yup. Have you seen the deleted scenes with the Octopus? I taped a copy of the Goonies off of Disney in the 90s and the Octopus and extra gas station scenes were cut back in (to make up time for cutting out the penis being knocked off the statue scene…)

      • LMAO. That tickled me. That’s my moms favorite part!

        No, I never got to see the octopus scene. Wish I did. Though I one time saw the extra “dog chase scene” in Teen Wolf. After playing basketball with Boof and Scott’s dad… Scott walks down the road and gets chased by a bunch of dogs for no good reason. I never saw it again after that one time on network television. So strange.

  • LEGO Airwolf needs to happen…

    • Right?! I NEED and outlet for my Ernest Borgnine daydream sessions…

    • Holy crap, Boulder Hill and Castle Greyskull FTW!