Teeny Tiny Thunderhawk

By Shawn Robare

Things have been pretty nuts this week, but yesterday there was a slight calm in the storm with a very fun mail day.  Last week I showcased my collection of pop culture 1:64th scale die-cast vehicles and in the comments my good buddy Jason Gross of the super cool Rediscover the 80s website and podcast (of which I was a guest) pointed me to something I didn’t know existed, a Hot Wheels-sized Thunderhawk from the cartoon/toy line M.A.S.K.!  It didn’t even occur to me to hunt for 80s era action cartoon vehicles in this scale, and after a quick scan of eBay one of these little beauties was purchased and making its way to my pop culture parking lot…

photo 5

According to the original baggie it came sealed in this was a premium offered by Kenner in 1986 and produced by Yatming Diecast, a Chinese toy company that has since moved from 1:64th scale offerings to more upscale adult collectors cars.  I have no idea what the promotion consisted of to snag one of these back in the 80s, but from what I can tell there were no other M.A.S.K. vehicles produced in this size.

photo 4

I was so stoked to open the box and release this car from the original baggie.  Though it’s cool having the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and Flintstones family car in my collection, this is more in line with what I really want parked in my tiny pop culture garage.  If only there were some G.I. Joe, Transformers or Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors vehicles available in this scale!  I suppose I could pick up the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment release of Ren’s yellow VW Bug from Footloose and add an Autobot symbol to the hood for a makeshift Bumblebee…

photo 3

This toy isn’t an exact replica of Thunderhawk unfortunately.  For one, it’s missing the rad spoiler with the purple grid pattern, but more importantly the doors are in the classic style of a standard 1983 Chevy Camero instead of the super cool gull-wing doors from the cartoon and standard M.A.S.K. toy…

photo 2


Even though it’s slightly different, it’s still close enough for me, and it’s official!  So happy to add Matt Tracker’s ride to my collection…


  • Bitchin Camaro!

    • I know! I’m totally going to race it against K.I.T.T.!

  • I thought about buying one of those. I didn’t. I regret it now.

    • They’re still pretty reasonable on eBay. Though now I want my old full-sized toy back. Ebay might not be the best place for my bank account right now… :p

  • Glad you snagged one. Since I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels over the past couple years along with my boys, it’s a MUST HAVE that I’m ashamed I haven’t added yet!

    I did buy the Matt Trakker G.I. Joe figure which is a prized part of my M.A.S.K. collection.

    • Me too. So sooo bummed Hasbro didn’t at least so a Miles Mayhem figure to go with the Trakker figure. I wish they’d do a side line of just the M.A.S.K. figures actually…

  • After you responded to the Turbo Teen pic on Facebook, I thought how freakin’ cool would it be to have a 1:64 diecast of Turbo Teen and the monster truck villain!!

  • Matt Kauffman

    holly cow that’s awesome.

    • Yeah, it’s only tempered by the fact that we don’t have a sweep Jackhammer to race and battle it!

  • WishItWas1984

    Well this article just made a guy on eBay an easy $20. Just picked up 3 of these sealed in the baggie. Thanks for this, I had no idea this existed!

    • Ha! And the chain continues! You gonna open one? I’ll be honest, I’ve already raced TH against KITT, KARR, and the Ecto-1… :p

      • WishItWas1984

        Definitely. That sounds like the making of a cool YouTube video. A giant slot car race against every themed diecast car ever made!. lol

        • I wonder how much Hot Wheel tracks run these days, I might have to make that happen…