Cheestroyer is eating his way into my heart…

By Shawn Robare

You ever stumble upon a piece of art that feels like it was designed specifically for you, the artist tapped into your brain and cherry-picked a bunch of cool imagery that you love and mashed it up into something new and incredibly awesome?  Well, for me that piece of art just happens to be the Cheestroyer, a rad independent toy created by the fine folks at Bad Teeth & Double Haunt.  He’s a little Mayor McCheese (cheeseburger head), a little Gamera (turtle kaiju), and a little Skeletor (the skull and furry underpants) with a dash of cephalopod for good measure!


Hailing from Australia,Bad Teeth & Double Haunt are preparing to unleash their Mini-Cheestroyer figurine in 2014.  Their recent resin releases have all sold out, so the guys have decided to produce the “little cheeseburger monster” in a vinyl edition, but they need a little help to get everything up and running so they set up a Kickstarter for the production of the toy.  The first planned wave will consist of Glow in the Dark, Crystal Clear vinyl and Clear with Guts editions! Other pledge rewards include hand-painted resins, clear resins and copies of the Cheestroyer comic book.  I mean seriously, look how ferociously cute this monster is!


There’s only one week left to get this rad little creature funded and unleashed on the world, so if you dig art toys and turtle monsters with cheesburger heads, go pick yourself up a Cheestroyer!


  • It must suck to have a delicious cheeseburger for a head that you could never eat.

    • That’s why you have to have assistant/friends that can enjoy you for you!

  • I feel like there’s more than little bit of a nod to TMNT with a pizza-style turtle shell as well… and course it feels like some sort of ancient, angry god like GPK 224 MONTE Zuma/Pagan MEGAN…. so there are even more reasons to love…

    • Agreed, knowing that there was a Kaiju aspect to this I figured on Gamera as a big influence, but you’re right, the turtle/food/fighter thing screams TMNT, and the absurdity definitely lends itself to the GPK…