A Good Thing About Moving…

By Shawn Robare

So I recently moved house, which is part of what’s been keeping me so silent on the internet these past few months, but in the process I found some treasures I didn’t even realize I had!  A little while after my sister passed away I took charge of all the family photos so that I could organize and scan them all so we’d have an easy to share set of digital snapshots.  My main focus was getting to all the pictures of my sister, but I kept a stack of photos of myself as a kid that I haven’t had a chance to look through until this past month.  One of the awesome side effects of a move (seriously, you have to try and look on the bright side right?) is that it forces you to take stock of everything you own.  It all has to be packed up, moved and unpacked, so you get a couple chances to find things that have been lost or discover things you never realized you had.

One of laments about my childhood is that by the time I came along my parents had lost a lot of the zest for taking pictures that they had with my sister.  So I don’t have any Halloween photos, or all that many Christmas morning shots.  Well, apparently my parents had been sitting on some pictures that are exactly the kind of things I’ve been dying to post on Branded but thought didn’t exist.  There weren’t a ton, but there were a few really cool snapshots, like this one of me and my friend Timmy playing with his Millennium Falcon sometime in 1982…

Shawn Star Wars small

Man, how I remember coveting that thing!  I had some really cool Star Wars junk as a kid (a couple of At-Ats, an X-Wing, Snow Speeder, and a Y-Wing), but isn’t it always the case that the stuff you didn’t have always seemed cooler than the stuff you did?  Well, at least I got a chance to play with it and wasn’t just drooling over the pages in the Sears or JC Penny Catalogs…

  • Tintod

    It’s cool that you are finding a bright side in moving; it certainly can be stressful.I too had a Timmy in my life that always seemed to have way better stuff. The grass is always greener at Timmy’s house I suppose.

    • Yeah, aside from a couple pictures the move sssuuuccckkkeeeddd. But it’s over and that’s another good thing! ;) I concur, the grass is ALWAYS greener at Timmy’s, but I think it’s because they use a different brand fertilizer then I do (and it’s probably better, and I should probably buy it, but I bet it’s expensive, OH Timmy, you win again!)

  • I always hated having pictures taken of me when I was younger and now I regret it:( We barely have any photos, but when I do come across one, it’s always a good time, haha! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Yeah, I was a little camera shy, especially during the years I really regret there being no pictures (1982-1987). Sigh. I guess I just need to photoshop myself into pictures of Toys R Us store aisles from 1983… ;)

  • Hey, at least you had the same haircut!

    • I think it was a law that little white kids had that bowl cut…

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