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By Shawn Robare

After writing about some of my favorite arcade games on Monday and talking with you guys about some of yours it came to my attention that there are a lot of pretty radical games that I missed out on over the years.  One in particular made my jaw drop though as I’d never even realized it existed.  Thanks to Tom Krohne for pointing me to the fact that a multiplayer Real Ghostbusters Arcade Game actually exists!


Also, while I’m on the subject, I love these dealer ads meant for the various arcades and pizza joints.  “3-Player Simultaneous Play for increased earning power!”  “The Real Ghostbusters Logo increases initial attraction to game play!”  You can read that last factoid as: “By the way, the actual game play barely features Ghostbusters-esque characters, none of which are wearing cartoon accurate colors, so at least the logo will get kids popping quarters in!”

Anyway, thanks again Tom, now I have to track one of these bad boys down…

  • Wow. Missed me as well! Nice one!

    • I’ve heard tell that there’s a machine at Hershey Park and I might be heading up that way soon. I need to play this!

  • Dr. Geektarded

    Man, I used to play the RGB arcade game all the time at my local comic shop (Cosmic Comics). It’s a blast.
    I recommend checking it out on a MAME emulator if you do that stuff. It’s a bird’s-eye view looking down on you character as you move through the levels. Ton’s of fun.

    • I need to dive into the world of emulators, there are so many vintage games I’ve love to play…