Where do you let King Kong Sleep When He Visits?

By Shawn Robare

So recently Brian over at Cool & Collected got the idea to start up a new community toy project called the King Kong World Tour.  Basically Brian has sent one of his Kong Imperial action figures on an extended vacation traveling around the world.  I took part in a similar project with a Spock Mego figure a few years ago and had a blast hosting him, so I thought it would also be fun to show Kong the sites in Atlanta and at Branded in the 80s HQ.  Here are some of the highlights…


First off, no visit to Branded HQ would be complete without taking a gander at the action figure wall.  Kong really wanted to join the ranks of the Joe team, but Cobra always ended up picking him first…

Joe Kong

Kong also Mumm-Ra.  You think the two would pal around, but that ancient spirit of evil is kind of a nutty fruitcake…


I had to show Kong my framed Crestwood Monsters book as it’s sort of like a high school yearbook for him…

Crestwood Kong

Now as far as Atlanta goes, I took him to some of my current favorite spots, and it wasn’t until I was processing the roll of film that I realized I apparently love places that start with the letter “V”.  Case in point…


…the Vortex (my favorite Atlanta building and a great place for Fried Pickles)…


…the Varsity (great hot dog place)…


…and Videodrome (one of the last surviving mom & pop video rental places in the southeast)!

Anyway, head on over to Cool and Collected to check out more pictures from Kong’s stop in Atlanta as well as the other stops on the tour so far!

  • Varsity. (Drooling)

    • Yeah, I only indulge a couple times a year, but when I do, I Indulge.

      • When we lived in Lawrence, I worked for a company in Duluth and they would cater varsity once every summer… All you can eat. We were worthless the rest of that day. It was easy for me to go through 3 or 4 chili dogs, 2 onion rings (omg, I’m so hungry for those right now), and an orange freeze. I’m amazed I never threw up after one of those outings.

  • The Vortex is one of my all time favorite places to eat. Best burgers in the world.

    • Yup, never been let down by them and the ambiance is killer!

  • This is rapidly becoming one of my all time favorite sites, by the way. Awesome job.

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